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Red River Gorge allows primitive camping (backpacking) nearly anywhere out of site of a road, marked trail, or water source (check the bulletin boards for current rules, they vary). One important note: To spend the night in the back country anywhere within Daniel Boone National Forest, you must obtain an overnight permit which you display on your vehicle's windshield. You can obtain a permit at the Shell gas station at the Slade exit. The cost is $3 for 1 night, $5 for 3 nights, $7 for 7 nights, or $30 for a yearly pass.

Red River Gorge also contains the "Koomer Ridge Campground", with sites appropriate for anything from small tents to large RV's, which has one large rest room area with showers, plus numerous outhouses, but no hookups for RV's. This is the only campground in the area that stays open year-round. To get to Koomer Ridge Campground, turn left out of the rest area, turn right onto Route 15 at the stop sign, and travel about 5 miles to the campground entrance on your left.

Natural Bridge State park has two campgrounds, both of which are only open during peak seasons. The better choice is "Whittleton Campground", which is in a wooded setting similar to Koomer Ridge, but also has utilities for RV's. There is also Middlefork campground with full utilities that is suitable mainly for large RV's and is not in a particularly wooded setting. Both Natural Bridge campgrounds are accessible by turning right out of the rest area onto Route 11 and travelling a couple miles south. You will see Whittleton first on your left, and then Middlefork shortly thereafter on your right.

Scenic View Chalets offers beautiful cabins year-round at great rental prices. They have 2 cabins in the area, one of them sleeps 6+ people and the other sleeps 10 people. Their web site provides their rates, ammenities, and pictures of the cabins. Visit their web site at

You can also stay at the "Hemlock Lodge" in Natural Bridge State park. For camping or lodge information, call Natural Bridge at 1-800-325-1710, or visit their web site.

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