Most of the restaurants in the area are located along Route 11, south of the Mountain Parkway, on the way to Natural Bridge State Park. Most are also on the right hand side of the road, except Miguel's Pizza. NOTE: Most of the restaurants in the gorge area are only open during peak seasons, so you may need to bring your own food if you visit from mid-November through mid-April, especially on weekdays. Traveling south on Route 11 from the rest area, this is the approximate order you will encounter the restaurants:

Daniel Boone Trading Post. It's not a restaurant, but they make great deli sandwiches for you to take with you or eat in the booths they have outside the store.

Rose's Restaurant. This is my personal favorite restaurant in the gorge. Excellent food, excellent service, and great prices.

Subway. Located in the same lot as Rose's.

Miguel's Pizza. This is where the serious rock-climbers go to eat and camp. Since I only climb 5.9, I don't feel worthy to eat there! I've heard the food is really excellent, and no, you don't HAVE to be a rock climber to eat there.

Hemlock Lodge Restaurant. This is the only restaurant that is reliably open all year long. It is located in Hemlock Lodge in Natural Bridge State Park. They have an excellent all-you-can-eat buffet, and many other menu items as well.

The nearest fast food is in Stanton, 12 miles west of the Slade exit off of the Mountain Parkway. There you can find a Burger King, McDonalds, and Dairy Queen, all open year-round.

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