Getting There

First of all, let me explain something that confused me the first time I visited this place. There are actually several different areas with different names that are all located within each other or next to each other. You will hear people use each of these names when describing the area, so let me explain what each one is:

1. The largest area is the Daniel Boone National Forest. This is a huge forest in eastern Kentucky stretching from the Tennessee border almost to the Ohio River.

2. There are many smaller recreational areas contained within the Daniel Boone National Forest, including Red River Gorge.

3. To the South of Red River Gorge is Natural Bridge State Park, a park with great day hiking, but no backpacking.

4. To the East of Red River Gorge is the Clifty Wilderness, an area set aside by the government to remain undeveloped.

All of these areas are situated nearby or within one another and are all easily accessible from the same exit off of the Mountain parkway.

To get there from the west, first travel to Lexington, Kentucky. For Cincinnatians, take I-75 south to Lexington, then take the exit for I-64 East (exit 111). Take I-64 until about 2 miles past the 2nd Winchester exit, and take the exit onto the Mountain Parkway. Once you are on the Mountain Parkway, it is about 33 miles to the Slade exit. About 12 miles BEFORE the Slade exit is Stanton. If you need fast food, Stanton is the last place you will be able to find it before you reach the Gorge. When you get to the Slade exit, take it. Turn right at the stop sign, and then right again immediately, and you will be in the Slade Rest Area. This is the best place to collect yourself, meet up with any friends that might be driving separate, and prepare yourself for your adventures.

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