Red River Gorge Near Gray's Arch This site has been designed to offer an introduction to the Red River Gorge, with complete details of how to get there, where to stay, and the major attractions, the information that newcomers really need to know the most. If you are just getting started exploring Red River Gorge, you've come to the right web site! We hope the following information will make your first trip there as enjoyable as possible.

For those who have already made many trips to Red River Gorge, I recommend you jump to the ACTIVITIES section. Not only do we have basic activities for first-timers, but I have some descriptions of trips that are off-the-beaten-path.

For those of you not familiar with Red River Gorge, it is a National Geologic Area located in Eastern Kentucky. The area is a gold mine of impressive geologic formations, with a tremendous collection of tall cliffs and natural arches. A network of trails criss-cross this vast area, providing hundreds of day-hiking and backpacking possibilities. For rock climbers, backpackers, and day hikers that live in Kentucky, southern Ohio, eastern Indiana, western Virginia and West Virginia, there simply is no better destination for a day or a weekend.

One of the aspects of this place that make it so appealing for backpackers is that Red River Gorge is a part of the Daniel Boone National Forest, which allows camping anywhere within the forest as long as you are out of site of any road, marked trail, or water source. This means you don't have to hike all day to reach some overcrowded overnight area, in Red River Gorge you can always find a nice private place to set up your camp. You can choose to camp up on the cliff tops (my favorite) or down in the valleys, either way you are in for a truly memorable experience.

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