Along the Red River, the canoeing is divided into two sections:

1. The upper gorge river run is the most demanding, with class 3+ rapids. The upper gorge run should not be attempted by novice paddlers, and it is critical to first determine if the current water levels are safe. Attempting the upper gorge run during high waters can be life threatening. Seek professional guidance from someone experienced in the upper gorge canoe run to determine the appropriate water levels and to find where to put in and take out. Red River Outdoors can help in this regard, and can shuttle you back to your car at the end of your trip.

2. The middle gorge run is not difficult, but passes through beautiful scenery. Red River Outdoors provides middle gorge canoe trips that are about 8 miles long, for a very reasonable price. The middle gorge is typically only runnable in the spring and early summer when the water levels are highest. The middle gorge run begins at the concrete bridge on Route 715, across the road from the Douglas Trail parking area. The best take-out is at the steel bridge on Route 77, 8 miles downstream.

For more information regarding canoeing in the Gorge, see Red River Outdoors.

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