Hocking Hills
Areas Within Hocking Hills

Hocking Hills is comprised of several distinct areas:

1. Old Man's Cave. Old Man's Cave is situated right next to the park campground and is the best place to begin your exploration of Hocking Hills. Here, you can pick up a trail map for the park, and hike some of the most scenic short trails in Hocking Hills. A rim trail and a gorge trail combine to cover the area in depth.

2. Ash Cave. Ash Cave is the largest rock shelter in Ohio, named after the layers of ash formed from the ancient fires of Indian tribes who lived in the cave. Like many other areas of Hocking Hills, a rim trail and a short gorge trail both explore the area.

3. Cedar Falls. A short hike takes you to Cedar Falls, a unique waterfall that more or less works it's way down the cliff rather than dropping straight down.

4. Conkle's Hollow. Conkle's Hollow is a deep, narrow gorge, with a rim trail and a gorge trail that explore the area.

5. Rock House. Rock House is a very unique cave-like rock shelter. The lip of the shelter has several large columns with small gaps between them, which partially enclose the shelter while allowing some light in. A short loop hike takes you through the rock house.

6. Cantwell Cliffs. Explore Fat Woman's Squeeze, a large rock shelter, and many other rock formations by following the Cantwell Cliffs trail system.

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